Eligible Members

Who is eligible for Membership?

Members of the ICCrPT are the national professional organisations representing physical therapists with an interest in cardiorespiratory physical therapy.

Cardiorespiratory physical therapy special interest groups/sections/divisions wishing to apply for ICCrPT membership must satisfy the following criteria:-

  1. The Cardiorespiratory physical therapy special interest group/section/division must be a recognised sub-section of a parent national physical therapy association who is a member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT).
  2. Individual members of the cardiorespiratory sub-section must also be members of the parent national physical therapy association.
  3. Only one organisation per country shall be eligible for membership.

Individual physical therapists who are members of a WCPT member organisation that does not have a recognised cardiorespiratory special interest group/section/division are eligible to join as an Associate member.