Membership Fees

Membership fees and categories

All fees are in the pound sterling, the British currency [GBP (£)]

Full Member

Cardiorespiratory Physical Therapy special interest group/section/divisioneligible for full membership of ICCrPT are those that are a recognised Cardiorespiratory Physical Therapy sub-section of a parent national physical therapy organisation WCPT member in good standing.


The ICCrPT subscription fee for full ICCrPT membership is determined by the number of individual members registered with the Cardiorespiratory Physical Therapy organisation.

Number of members

·        £1 (GBP) per member annually for the first 250 members of theCardiorespiratory Physical Therapy special interest group/section/division

·        plus £0.70 (GBP) per member annually over 250 members

Associate Member

Cardiorespiratory Physical Therapy associations eligible for associate membership are those which are part of a WCPT Member organisation, but which do not currently have an established Cardiorespiratory sub section in place, but wish to achieve full membership in the future.


Individual physical therapists who are members of a WCPT member organisation that does not have a recognised cardiorespiratory special interest group/section/division.

Cost: An annual fee of £30

WCPT Member organisation in countries where the latest figures published by the World Bank ( indicate the GNI per capita is less than US$3,000 are eligible to pay 50% of the ICCrPT subscription fee (i.e. GBP £50 for 2012).