In order to achieve our overall vision and mission, the ICCrPT is guided by the following set of values that guide our operation:


  • Commitment to the delivery of evidence based excellent patient care and the highest standards of physical therapy practice.
  • Promotion of equitable access to quality services for all patients.
  • Awareness of and respect for cultural differences and sensitivities.
  • Recognition of diversity in terms of patient population and resource availability.
  • Respect for our colleagues, peers and patients.
  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards in our practice.
  • Maintaining integrity in all our practices, research and collaboration with other disciplines and organisations.
  • Team work between physical therapists, therapists and patients, and as part of the mulitdisciplinary care team.
  • The promotion of patient centered care.
  • Valuing leadership in all its facets and at all levels in the ICCrPT. The executive committee is committed to leadership in promoting cardiorespiratory physical therapy in and outside the profession, through good practice, being role models for the profession and a strong mentoring program. This is evidenced by striving at all times to focus on our goal, mission and vision.
  • IccrPT is committed to the development of leaders within its member groups.
  • Mentorship.
  • Encouragement of scientific research, collaboration and promotion of opportunities for the spread of knowledge and new developments in the field of cardiorespiratory health.