The ICCrPT aims to contribute to the improvement of global cardiorespiratory health by promoting delivery of interprofessional evidence-based cardiorespiratory therapy that results in improved health outcomes internationally. This may be achieved through the provision of:-


  • Leadership and expertise via a central point of contact to advise on global issues and key questions relating to cardiorespiratory physical therapy.
  • Information dissemination through electronic, print and personal exchanges and organisation of international conferences/congresses of physical therapists.
  • Promoting growth of the field of cardiorespiratory physical therapy and high standards in developing countries.
  • Support for good quality research that will inform best practice of cardiorespiratory therapy.
  • Patient and Carer Support.
  • Education and Training.
  • Advocacy of cardiorespiratory physical therapy as a credible entity to fellow therapists, other members of the health care team, international organisations and patients.
  • Collaboration with other organisations.
  • Creation of a network for cardiorespiratory therapists to engage with one another.